How to collect your Dead by Daylight logs

Our team may ask you to attach your Dead by Daylight logs to your ticket. These logs allow us to take a deeper look into your game during the moments leading up to technical errors and crashes, which in turn allows our support team to better help troubleshoot the problem.

To find your Dead by Daylight logs:
  1. Press the Windows Key + R to open the "Run" command.
  2. In the text box paste the following: %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\DeadByDaylight\Saved\Logs
  3. Click "OK" - this will open your Dead by Daylight Logs folder.
    • If it does not open the Dead by Daylight Logs folder, it may mean that when installing Dead by Daylight you chose to save your files somewhere else and will need to check there.
  4. The file called "DeadByDaylight.log" is your log file and the one you will need to attach to your support ticket.
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