6.5.1 | Patch Notes




  • Survivor activity HUD now shows Generator progress.

Bug Fixes 


  • The game should no longer crash on exit. 
  • Switching to a loadout with the same Add-On in a different position will no longer cause disconnection from a lobby.  
  • Items on sale in the Store display the correct discounted Iridescent Shard price. 
  • Customization Reward notifications will now correctly appear.  
  • The copyright year has been updated in the intro trailer.  
  • Simultaneously leveling up and swapping characters should no longer trigger a soft lock. 

Custom Games

  • In a Custom Game, changing to Survivor after having multiple players in the Killer role now displays the correct role to all party members. 
  • Bots will now hit regular Skill Checks correctly.

Killer Bugs

  • The Knight can no longer break an un-dropped Pallet that was reset by the Perk Any Means Necessary. 
  • Survivors will no longer remain stuck in the the Remove Chain action when chained by The Cenobite's Summons of Pain or Chain Hunt. 
  • Lethal Pursuer will no longer inadvertently reveal Auras while Blinded.  
  • The Hillbilly’s Chainsaw no longer risks going silent when using the Apex Muffler or Off-Brand Motor Oil Add-Ons. 
  • The Whispers icon no longer appears lit before its first activation. 
  • The frame rate has been stabilized during Killer Moris. 
  • The Nurse will now gain Blink Charge correctly while using Jenner’s Last Breath.   
  • Status Effects from The Pig’s Add-Ons will no longer remain after a Reverse Bear Trap has been removed. 
  • Killers will no longer receive Merciless Killer after Killing fewer than 4 Survivors. 
  • Killers will no longer get stuck in the Shattered Square Map. 
  • Fixed an unreachable Bear Trap placement in the Gas Haven Map. 
  • Killers can no longer climb on the Vat Room rails in The Game Map.  
  • Killers can no longer completely body block access to basements in the Autohaven Wreckers Realm. 
  • Exiting a locker as The Dredge while a Survivor is moving away no longer causes a sound cut. 
  • The Blight will no longer keep William Birkin’s voice in the menu while changing to another Outfit. 
  • The Knight's Enchanted Plates and Frosty Eyes outfits no longer disappear while he is using his Power. 

Survivor Bugs

  • Female Survivor legs will no longer clip through the ground during The Nurse’s Mori. 
  • The Red Envelope of a dead or disconnected Survivor will no longer remain visible. 
  • The Breakout Perk icon is now correctly visible to Survivors being affected by it 
  • Carried Survivors are now able to see if they are affected by Iron Grasp.  
  • Missing a Skill Check when letting go of a Generator will now lead to a loss of Potential Energy Tokens.  
  • The Map Item no longer allows for indefinite Aura reading. 
  • Survivors using the Glass Bead Add-On can now make Markers as intended. 
  • The Healing Hud icon will not activate when a Survivor is in a Cage of Atonement. 
  • The HUD Indicator should now reveal accurate Generator progress information. 
  • Fixed an issue that may cause Reverse Bear Traps to remain floating in front of the Jigsaw Box after being removed. 
  • Reverse Bear Traps will now disappear correctly upon being removed. 
  • Survivors who bleed out or die to a Killer’s Special Power (The Onryo’s Condemned, etc) will no longer see the Escaped Result on the End Game screen. 
  • The Item of Obsession Achievement can now be unlocked as intended. 
  • Survivors can no longer trap The Knight’s Guards inside lockers with a rushed exit. 

Known Issues

  • The Mastermind can't go up the stairs and vault smoothly when using the Virulent Bound ability in Dead Dawg Saloon. 
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