6.5.2 | Patch Notes



Bug Fixes

Adept Achievements / Merciless Killer

We've applied a tentative fix that should resolve an issue surrounding Merciless Killer, wherein Killing 4 Survivors would not trigger it as intended. Your Tally Screen Results should now be displayed accurately. 

However, we are still working on a consistent fix to an issue surrounding the Adept Achievements for Killer and Survivor, which are still not unlocking correctly in select situations. 



  • There is no longer a missing prompt while purchasing Outfits.


  • Killer players in a lobby will no longer see character swap arrows after opening the Bloodweb. 
  • Using the Furin Add-On as The Spirit no longer impacts her audio while Phasing. 
  • The Huntress's menu music now loops correctly.
  • The camera no longer risks getting stuck when returning to Charlotte after Victor gets crushed.
  • Victor will no longer become unreachable after pouncing on a Vaulting Survivor.
  • The Hex: Huntress Lullaby no longer remains active after the Totem is cleansed.
  • The Hex: Huntress Lullaby Perk no longer gains two tokens each time a Survivor is Hooked after it has been re-activated by Hex: Undying.
  • The Knight can no longer grab Survivors at the end of the Patrol Path after Summoning a Guard


  • Cages of Atonement no longer distort female Survivor faces. 
  • Female Survivor faces are no longer distorted when another Survivor finds them in a Locker. 
  • The Killer is no longer locked looking into the same direction during the survivor tutorial.
  • Wiggle skill checks now correctly grant Bloodpoints.
  • The Mangled effect no longer applies to the Mend, Snap Out of It, and Recover interactions.
  • The Aura reading ability of Maps may no longer remain active indefinitely.


  • Generators will no longer spawn too close together in the Racoon City Police Station Main Hall. 
  • Players can no longer climb on a rock in the Eyrie of Crows.
  • Repairing the Generator in Racoon City Police Station West Wing awards the Raccoon City Recruit achievement.
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