7th Anniversary Event


Before the Masquerade

The Twisted Masquerade Event is returning to Dead by Daylight starting June 22nd 2023. You may also enter the Before the Masquerade mini-Event from May 23rd to June 22nd. Find more information about what we have in store for you at https://deadbydaylight.com/news/before-the-masquerade-details/


Twisted Masquerade

The Twisted Masquerade Event is returning to Dead by Daylight and is going to kick off on June 22nd 2023. This is one party you won't want to miss, featuring limited-time unlockable Cosmetics, event-themed décor, and plenty of mischief to go around.


The Masks


This year, we have included 12 new Masks for 12 characters you will be able to unlock during the Twisted Masquerade Event.


  • The Oni
  • The Blight
  • The Knight
  • The Legion
  • The Nurse
  • The Singularity


  • Felix Richter
  • Gabriel Soma
  • Jeff Johansen
  • Jonah Vasquez
  • Meg Thomas
  • Zarina Kassir


The Invitation

Last year, in order to unlock these Masks, Killers had to make it through the Trial, and Survivors had to make it through the Exit Gate.

This year, The Invitation is coming back. They will enable new gameplay abilities for both Killers and Survivors. Survivors will need to be holding onto at least one Charge by the time that an exit opens - that is either the Exit Gate, or the Hatch.

Click here to find out how we have improved from the 6th Anniversary's Twisted Masquerade by watching this segment of the broadcast.


The Collection & The Store

Please note that the dates displayed in this image are placeholders

To make it easier for our players to keep track of Collections, the event pop-up this year is going to be multi-tabbed displaying Overview, Collection, and Store tabs.

You have shown so much love for the Twisted Masquerade Masks last year at the 6th Anniversary Event. If you missed any of the Masks from last year and would like to get your hands on them, you may find them in the Store tab. In there, you will also find anything that we want to feature that is event-related. Be sure to check out the brand-new Twisted Masquerade outfits for Feng Min and The Ghost Face.

Cosmetics you can earn via gameplay or through the Event Tome for this year's event can be found in the Collection tab. Whilst last year's unlockable outfits for Haddie and The Dredge can be found in the Store tab, you will be able to find the ones for our fan favorites - Nea and The Hillbilly in the Collections tab.

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