8th Anniversary Event

Before the Masquerade, May 14th - June 3rd

You may enter the 4-week long Before the Masquerade mini-Event from May 14th to June 13th where a daily login calendar is featured.

During this period, not only will you be able to obtain a piece of 2 full Outfits for The Huntress, and Meg Thomas if you log in at least once each week, you will also be able to benefit from currency-boosts - different currency for each week.

  • The first three weeks will focus on a different era of Dead by Daylight’s history, offering an increased rotation of selected Maps, Store sales on popular Outfits from that era, as well as a 3x boost mini-Event:

    • 1st Week, May 14th - May 20th - Bloodfeast (3x Bloodpoints)


    • 2nd Week, May 21st - May 27th - Rift Fragments Feast (3x Rift Fragments)


    • 3rd Week, May 28th - June 3rd - Triple XP


  • During the fourth week, all players will get a chance at some older Anniversary Charms, on top of XP and Bloodpoint boosts:
    • 4th Week, June 4th - June 13th - Double XP, Bloodhunt (2x Bloodpoints)





Twisted Masquerade, June 13th - July 4th

The Twisted Masquerade Event is returning to Dead by Daylight starting June 13th 2024 in celebration of our 8th Anniversary. It’s set to be bigger than ever with new Event-themed Cosmetics, gameplay features, décor, and even appearances by the mysterious host, Tryks, whom our players might have seen.


Event Gameplay


We have created a separate event queue for this big event so our players have the option to choose between the core, and event-specific gameplay where Tryks will play some tricks to spice things up.

Tryks can generate a maximum of 5 tricks during a match such as giving Haste, Undetectable, spawning anniversary chests or totems as the match progresses.


The Invitation

The Invitation is also coming back. They can be collected from the Masquerade Pillars found on the maps, enabling new gameplay abilities for both Killers and Survivors:

  • Survivors can go into Quiet Mode, making less noise, and entering lockers without alerting the Killer.
  • Killers can use send a downed Survivor to a nearby hook.

Please note that Killers and Survivors can hold a maximum of 2 charges. When the maximum Invitation charges are reached interacting and passive charge will be disabled.


Cosmetics and Rewards

Earnable Rewards

In addition to Tryks-themed Charms and Player Cards, our players can earn two outfits via gameplay or through the Event Tome for Bill Overbeck and The Unknown. They are 100% earnable!


In-game Store

In the Store, an event-themed outfit for The Pig will be added, as well as Masks and Outfits that were earnable, or were in the store in the past. If you were unable to get your hands on them, they will be available in the store for the duration of the event.


Login Rewards

We want our players to start enjoying the party as soon as they log in. So, for the first time, we are giving you enough event currency to get one reward from the event no matter when you log in. This means you will be able to purchase event-themed items just by logging in during the Twisted Masquerade event!



Please note that these Masks are a work in progress.

This year, earning the Masks is going to be related to engaging with event challenges and earning event currencies. Detective Tapp will be showing all the Masks you will be able to unlock during the Twisted Masquerade Event for 12 characters.


  • The Clown
  • The Doctor
  • The Hag
  • The Plague
  • The Skull Merchant
  • The Twins


  • Adam Francis
  • Kate Denson
  • Renato Lyra
  • David Tapp
  • Thalita Lyra
  • Yun-jin Lee
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