Halloween 2023 "Haunted by Daylight"

This year's Halloween Event will begin on 18th October, and end on 6th November.


Event Gameplay

Void Energy will be returning in this year's event. Complete the following objectives as Survivor and Killer to collect them:


  • Repairing Halloween Generators
  • Stunning a Killer carrying Void Energy
  • Destroying a Pumpkin


  • Hooking Survivors on Halloween Hooks
  • Downing a Survivor carrying Void Energy
  • Destroying a Pumpkin


Void Orbs can also be collected on the map. They float towards you as you approach.


Void Pumpkins found around the maps can provide status effects, and they also reward Void Energy as they are destroyed.


Unstable Rifts will appear around the map. After sufficient Void Energy has been collected, seek out one of the four Rifts to deposit your Void Energy and activate that Rift. 

Once enough collective Void Energy  - from both Survivors and Killers - has been deposited across all Unstable Rifts, all Rifts will stabilize and become portals to the Void Realm, which you will be free to enter.


Inside the The Void Realm, you won't find any Generators, Pallets, Lockers, Chests, or Totems. There are Hooks, but when a Survivor is placed on one, they will instantly be transported to a Hook on the Map. Inside the Void Realm:

Survivors will be Exhausted and Broken (if they are already injured when entering, or after entering The Void Realm)

Killers will be Undetectable, while being unable to use their Powers



Haunts are ghostly figures you will be able find inside the Void Realm. Make sure you release them from the Void to the map by providing them 12 Void Energy before the Void destabilizes and closes, because once that happens everyone will be ejected from it.

When they are released onto the map, Haunts can act as either a boon or a trap. 

Survivors who complete the Release they will immediately gain a boost for a brief duration, consisting of Haste, Endurance, and 20% faster Action Speed. Their held Item will also be refilled to 50% .

Killers who complete the Release, they will also immediately gain a boost for a brief duration, consisting of Haste, Undetectable, and 20% faster Action and Cooldown speed.


Note that The Void will close a) 2 minutes after spawning, or b) once all available Haunts have been released. 


Event Rewards


You will be able to earn Dark Trinkets by completing challenges in the Event Tome, which can then be used to purchase Haunted by Daylight cosmetics for both Killer and Survivor.


Survivor Skeleton Shirts:

  • Nea Karlsson – Painted Skeleton Shirt
  • Kate Denson – Musical Rib-Cage Shirt
  • Yui Kimura – Bone Handlebar Shirt
  • Mikaela Reid – Celestial Skeleton Shirt
  • Haddie Kaur – Card Reader Shirt
  • Vittorio Toscano – Carved Bones Shirt


Killer Candy Weapons:

  • The Wraith – Sweet Blade
  • The Huntress – Jaw Slasher
  • The Legion – Syrupy Knife
  • The Deathslinger – Chocolate Spike
  • The Dredge – Chewing Blade
  • The Skull Merchant – Candy Breaker Blade


Cosmetics and Charms can be unlocked by completing the Event Tome, including several pieces of a new Outfit for The Knight and Meg Thomas,


Milestone Rewards

This Event also features several Milestone Rewards, which can only be earned after unlocking enough Cosmetics. This includes the final pieces of The Knight’s Jack Lantern and Meg Thomas’ Candy Night Outfits . Here are their unlock requirements:

  • The Knight – Burning Sight (HEAD) – Unlock 6 Cosmetics
  • Meg Thomas – Smoky Eyes (HEAD) - Unlock 12 Cosmetics
  • Void Pumpkin - Charm – Unlock 21 Cosmetics



  • Void Pumpkin
  • Buried Candy
  • Little Scoundrel
  • Little Sweetie
  • Scarecrow Jake
  • Huntress Werewolf



In-game Store

Apart from the new Tricks And Treats Collection and The Void Collection, followed by the Hallowed Blight Collection (available on 24th October), you will be able to find cosmetics, including rewards from all the previous Halloween Collections for a limited time in the Store.  






Live Stream

If you missed our Livestream on 13th October, you can re-watch it on our YouTube to find out more about what we have in store for you:



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