Bone Chill Event 2023

Event Gameplay

Snowmen have returned to the map that can be interacted with by both Survivor and Killers.

New this year, Snowmen Decoys have also been added to the map that will trigger a noise notification for all players when set off.



Newly added this year, Snowskulls are an item that can be picked up by both Survivors and Killers from Snowpiles that are placed around the map. Players can carry a maximum of 6 Snowskulls at a time and they can be thrown at other players which causes a notification if successfully hit. The player hit by the snowball will temporarily experience their vision being slightly obstructed by snow and slush.

Snowskulls can be used by Survivors while standing, walking and running but not while doing basic Survivor interactions (such as unhooking or repairing generators).

Killers will be able to use Snowskulls while not actively using their Killer Power or performing other basic interactions (such as hooking, using a mori or picking up survivors, etc.).

While carrying Killer specific items (such as Vaccine, Lambent Configuration etc.) or crouching, hiding in a locket etc., Survivors will not be able to throw Snowskulls




Returning to the Bloodweb this event are the "Winter Party Starters" firecrackers! Select this item in your loadout to bring it to your next game.



You will be able to earn Frosty Trinkets by completing challenges in the Event Tome, which can then be used to purchase Bone Chill cosmetics for both Killer and Survivor.

Cosmetics and Charms can be unlocked by completing the Event Tome, including several pieces of a new Outfit for The Wraith and Jeff Johansen.



Milestone Rewards

This Event also features several Milestone Rewards, which can only be earned after unlocking enough Cosmetics. These Milestone rewards include the final pieces of Jeff's "Holiday Concert" outfit. Here are their unlock requirements and costs:

Patched Red Leather (Jeff chest cosmetic) for 150 Frosty Trinkets - Unlock 3 cosmetics
Loose shoelaces (Jeff leg cosmetic) for 150 Frosty Trinkets - Unlock 6 cosmetics
Murky Antlers (Wraith head cosmetic) for 150 Frosty Trinkets - Unlock 9 cosmetics
Bone Threat (Wraith weapon) for 150 Frosty Trinkets - Unlock 12 cosmetics
Crew Undercut (Jeff head cosmetic) for 100 Frosty Trinkets - Unlock 17 cosmetics


Store Cosmetics

Returning to the store is the Ugly Sweater collection, including a new Christmas sweater cosmetic for The Good Guy and Ellen Ripley.
New this year, we have the "Backstage Daughter" outfit for Jane Romero, the "Family Knowledge" outfit for The Hag and more!



Login Calendar

Throughout the Season of Giving, players are able to log on and receive rewards each day. The list of the rewards and the date they can be earned.






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