FAQ | Stranger Things Returns!

Will Hawkins Map be returning?

Yes, the map will also be coming back to Dead by Daylight. Our team has been hard at work in ensuring that all recent Killer Powers that have been added to the game since Stranger Things left the store, will work as expected on the map.

Why was the content removed and come back again now?

As with all live-service games, frequent updates, additions, and the occasional change are to be expected. With Stranger Things, our focus has always been to ensure the legacy of these characters within our game. Which is why we are delighted to welcome back all the Stranger Things content, including Characters, Perks, Outfits and Map into Dead by Daylight, as part of the game’s experience.  

Will the Cosmetics for the Characters come back to the Store?

YES! Everything will be returning

If I levelled up one (or more) of my Stranger Things characters when I was sharing them under Steam’s Family Share – will I gain access to that character again and will I have lost progress?

If you previously Family Shared the content and are now unable to access that content since the Family Share Policy was enforced, you will be able to purchase the Stranger Things Chapter (or individual characters) and your progression will be exactly the way you left it – you will not have lost your progress. The same for any cosmetic you have purchased for the characters; they will be waiting for you in your account!

What about the Perks?

Initially the perks will return to Stranger Things Perks with the original flavour text and icons, but will remain General Perks for now. In a later patch, they will return to being Character specific Perks and only be unlockable with the Prestige System or through the Shrine of Secrets, as with other character specific Perks.

If you have already levelled up a character whilst these perks were general Perks, what you have unlocked will remain unlocked, but you will not be able to increase the tier of the Perk any further until it has been unlocked – so if you have unlocked T1 of Inner Healing / Inner Strength on Kate for example, you will not be able to unlock further tiers unless you purchase the character perk from the Shrine of Secrets or level up Nancy to Prestige 1 to unlock the perk that way.

What about Achievements?

The Achievements are currently not going to be changed or reimplemented into the game. Stay tuned for further information as it becomes available.

Will new Stranger Things content come to the game?

We don’t have any additional Stranger Things content to announce at this time.

Is the content only coming back for a limited time?

As with all live-service games, frequent updates, additions, and the occasional change are to be expected. Our intention is always to ensure the legacy of ALL the characters in our game. While we can’t predict the future or of any changes that may occur, our goal remains to get our players the best gaming experience possible.

It is important to note that except for the Hawkins Underground Complex being completely removed, all players who owned the Stranger Things content did not experience any change in gameplay or appearance with the removal of the content. This is why we encourage players to buy the DLC in order to ensure their gaming experience remains intact.

Does this replace the next Chapter which is normally revealed around this time?

Stranger Things returning to Dead by Daylight does not replace any of the content that’s currently planned!

Will Stranger Things content receive balance changes now that it’s back?

Content in the game has always been able to receive balance changes if required, the Stranger Things characters being no exception. If we find that there are issues with a Killer’s Power or that something needs to be updated, we will make those changes.

Will the DLC be the same price as when it first released?

Yes, it will be!

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