7.5.1 | Bugfix Patch


Update Releases: 11 AM ET

Note: Update times may vary from platform to platform. A small delay is expected for the update on the Epic Games Store.

Killer Adjustments - The Blight


  • Adrenaline Vial
  • Increases maximum Rush tokens by 2.
  • Increases maximum Rush look angle by 20 degrees.
  • Decreases Rush turn rate by 55%. (re-added functionality)
  • Increases Rush speed by 5%
  • Compound Thirty Three
  • Rush cannot be performed more than 2 times (new functionality)
  • Increases Rush turn rate by 33% (slightly adjusted functionality)
  • Increases Rush duration by 33% (new functionality)


Killer Adjustments - The Hillbilly


  • Greased Throttle
  • Decreases recovery time after using the Chainsaw by 8%
  • This effect does not apply while in Overdrive (new functionality)
  • The Thompson's Mix
  • Decreases recovery time after using the Chainsaw by 12%
  • This effect does not apply while in Overdrive (new functionality)


Killer Adjustments - The Onryo

Killer Power

  • Removed the Condemned cooldown
  • Increased the number of Condemned stacks that lock in when a Survivor is hooked to 3 (was 2)
  • Increased the Projection movement speed boost duration to 2 seconds (was 1.5)
  • Increased movement speed while Manifesting to 4 m/s (was 3.68)



  • Modifier: Lights Out will be active from February 7, 2024 11:00am ET to February 14, 2024 11:00am ET.
    • Modifier: Lights Out event Tome will also open while the Modifier is active.


Bug Fixes


  • The Brand New Part Skill Checks no longer award progress for Archive Quests requiring succeeding Generator Skill Checks.


  • The Nerves of Steel achievement now properly tracks Skill Checks.


  • Fixed an issue where The Good Guys laugh could overlap the Slice & Dice scream
  • Fixed an issue that caused no sound to be heard when an invite is accepted.
  • Fixed an issue that caused all the Killers sounds to be muted when opening the option menus in-game.
  • Fixed an issue where the End Game Collapse bell sound wasn't heard.


  • Bots no longer run away from a Killer on a different floor.


  • Fixed an issue where The Good Guy's "Wedding Dress" torso stretches and distorts when selecting the outfit icons.
  • Fixed an issue that caused The Hag to be unable to move in any direction when attacking while carrying a Survivor.
  • The Plague no longer has a 1 second cooldown before being able to attack after performing Vile Purge.


  • Fixed an issue in Shattered Square where blockers prevented the killer from getting to a hook
  • Fixed an issue in Midwich Elementary School where items could be hidden under rubbles
  • Fixed an issue with the Harvester where bots could get stuck
  • Fixed an issue with the crashed Bus where Bots would not leave their position
  • Fixed an issue in Underground Complex entity effect were clipped near a hook
  • Fixed an issue in Mother's Dwelling where The Nurse could not blink through railings around the house
  • Fixed an issue with the collision on a maze tile in Pale Rose
  • Fixed an issue in the Underground Complex where the The Singularity's Biopods would not stick to the walls properly
  • Fixed an issue in the Dead Dawg Saloon map where a collision would block the players from navigating as intended.
  • Fixed an issue in Eyrie of Crows where The Demogorgon could shred through different obstacles from the hill tile
  • Fixed an issue in Shattered Square where an invisible collision was blocking the players navigations
  • Fixed an issue where an unready Survivor could switch to the Killer role when attempting to start a Trial in custom matches.


  • Fixed an issue that caused the Healing speed buff for Circle of Healing not to apply when the medkit runs out of charge while healing.
  • The Save the Best for Last Perk now correctly grants 4% decreased attack cooldown instead of 5%.
  • The Champion of Light perk properly grants the Hindered effect when the Killer is blinded while carrying a Survivor.


  • Fixed missing SFX when a player joins or leaves a party
  • Fixed an unresponsive Daily Rituals button in the Main menu when coming back from a Killer Lobby or the Archives
  • Fixed an issue where the cursor could be visible/movable during the intro cinematic


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