What the Fog - FAQ

What is "What The Fog"? 
What the Fog answers the age-old question: What would happen if you and a friend were swallowed by a cursed board game? You’d get a 2-person co-op roguelite filled with magic powers, non-stop action, and lots and lots of monsters – that’s what! Learn to use your new abilities and work together as you run, jump, and shoot your way through swarms of enemies, collecting Bloodpoints, repairing Generators, and unlocking exit doors in this chaotic game from the world of Dead by Daylight. 


Which platforms is it on? 
Steam on PC! There are no plans for any console ports. 

When is it out? 
It’s already out! You can get it for free (as long as there are keys remaining in the giveaway) with a Behaviour Account, or you can buy on it on Steam  

How can I get the game for free?

  1. Head to bit.ly/what-the-fog and Sign In or Join Now to register for a Behaviour Account 
  2. Click “GIMME MY GAME” button 
  3. Accept the conditions and then sync your Steam account 
  4. Redeem your FREE Steam key and play! 


Can I claim it if I already have registered BHVR account? (If yes, how?) 
You sure can! Just head to the game’s page on the Behaviour account, accept the conditions and follow the steps above!  

Is there a limited amount of codes overall? 
Yep! There are a finite number of keys available, and they’re first-come-first-serve, so get yours pronto!

I created an account but I didn't get a code
Make sure you’re in the right flow by clicking here. If you have accepted BOTH of the conditions and have run into an issue, please reach out to our support team here.

Can I purchase the game directly? 
Yep! You can buy it on Steam for $4.99 USD (or your regional equivalent) 

Do I have to own any of the BHVR games in order to claim WTF? 

How many players there are in co-op? 
Two: you and a friend! 

Is there a single-player?

Is there matchmaking (not invite-only)?
Yes, you’ll be paired with the next person in queue, regardless of location, so ping may affect your gameplay. Your best bet is to play with a friend! There’s also a single-player mode. 

Is there a controller support? Is this playable on Steam deck? 
Yes, there is support for Xbox controller. Yes, our Steam Deck compatibility is “Playable.”

Which languages will be supported in-game? 

  • English 
  • French 
  • German 
  • Japanese 
  • Korean 
  • Portuguese (Brazil) 
  • Simplified Chinese 
  • Spanish (Latin America) 
  • Spanish (Spain) 


Is this canon for Dead by Daylight universe? 
Short answer, no. This is an offshoot adventure, featuring familiar characters. Dwight, Claudette (and maybe someone else…) were hiding in the Garden of Joy mansion, when Dwight touched a cursed boardgame and everyone got sucked into it and needs to escape. But, don’t take it all too seriously, as far as world-building goes. 

Will more content (characters, levels, etc) be added? 
There are no current plans to expand What the Fog. One note on levels, though - they’re procedurally-generated, so you’re actually getting a new level every time, making every run unique.  

Will the game be available for purchase worldwide or are any regions excluded? 
As with all Behaviour games, the game is not available for purchase in Russia or Belarus. 

Are there any region restrictions for who can claim the free code? 


What is the age rating for this game? Is it suitable for my child?
What the Fog is not rated. It does contain fantasy violence.
Please note that to sign up for a Behaviour Account and get the game for free, you need to be 18 or older.

How do I report bugs? 
You can report any issues you have here.

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