Twitch Shirts

What are Twitch Shirts?

Twitch Shirts are an exclusive Cosmetic distributed to Twitch streamers in Dead by Daylight. They appear as purple t-shirts with a white Twitch logo on the front. They're available for all the current original Survivors, as well as any who will be added in the future.



How do I get Twitch Shirts for my Characters?

You can get a Twitch Shirt of your own by regularly streaming the game on Twitch. Our community team will aim to explore the Dead by Daylight Twitch directory during the last week of each month. If you're eligible and want to boost your visibility, use the hashtag #ShirtMySurvivor on your Twitch stream title to get our attention.

To qualify, all influencers MUST:

  • Be a Twitch Affiliate or Partner.
  • Be an exemplary Dead by Daylight content creator in good standing with Twitch.
  • Have a displayed Dead by Daylight streaming schedule with a minimum of 20 dedicated hours per month.

Streamers may also be selected to receive Twitch T-Shirt Cosmetics and Charms by virtue of having participated in Dead by Daylight X Twitch-related events including Twitch Rivals, Streamer Battles or Community Programs.

Content creators that already had the Meg & Dwight Twitch T-Shirts will receive all original Survivor Twitch T-Shirts upon request. The Universal Charm can be provided as long as the above qualifications have been met.

Please Note: Becoming eligible for our Twitch T-Shirt does not guarantee you will receive one! Dead by Daylight's presence in your Twitch Chat does also not guarantee you'll receive one. We may pop in from time to time to say hello, all with the goal of getting to know you and your content.

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