Why aren't all Maps available yet?

While we try to match the PC and Console platforms as closely as possible in terms of updates, the mobile environment is very different. Each map needs to have specific changes made for it to be functional on mobile without causing any graphical or hardware-related issues.
The following maps are currently available:
The MacMillan Estate:
Coal Tower
Groaning Storehouse
Ironworks of Misery
Shelter Woods
Suffocation Pit

Autohaven Wreckers:
Azarov's Resting Place
Blood Lodge
Gas Heaven
Wreckers' Yard
Wretched Shop

Coldwind Farm:
Fractured Cowshed
Rancid Abattoir
Rotten Fields
The Thompson House
Torment Creek

Crotus Prenn Asylum
Disturbed Ward
Father Campbell's Chapel
Lery's Memorial Institute:
Treatment Theatre

Yamaoka Estate:
Family Residence
Lampkin Lane
Midwich Elementary School
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