Patch Notes - July 26, 2021

What’s New: 

  • The Twins and Elodie Rakoto are now playable characters in-game 
  • Struggling during the second stage on a hook is now a series of Skill Checks 
  • Visual indicator (heartbeat) of Terror Radius is now visible even when Survivor is not in the camera frame 
  • Coldwind Farms & Crotus Prenn Asylum Realms disabled to undergo visual update 


Balance Changes: 

The Trickster 

General Changes:  

  • Increased movement speed while in the throw state and while actively throwing Blades 
  • Decreased the recoil intensity and angle variation while throwing Blades 
  • Removed the spread while throwing Blades 
  • Decreased the Blade wind up time 
  • Increased the Blade wind down time 
  • Increased the time before the Laceration Meter begins decaying 
  • Increased Main Event movement speed 
  • Decreased Showstopper's cooldown after Main Event has ended 
  • Modified the Trickster's Laceration meter artwork so that it is more clear when the meter is full vs partially full 


Add-On Changes: 

  • Decreased the effects of movement speed addons to account for the baseline movement speed increases in the above section: 
  • Killing Part Chords from 0.054 m/s to 0.04 m/s 
  • Caged Heart Shoes from 0.13 m/s to 0.1 m/s 
  • Iridescent Photocard will now injure survivors at maximum laceration 



The Demogorgon 

  • Power Changes: 
  • Traverse the Upside Down cooldown: 10 seconds (was 14 seconds). 
  • Normal Traverse the Upside Down velocity: 20 m/s (was 17 m/s). 
  • Undetectable lasts 3 seconds after Traversing the Upside Down (was 2 seconds). 
  • Movement speed while charging Shred increased from 3.68 m/s to 3.86 m/s. 


Add-On Changes: 

  • Black Heart: Reduces cooldown time after a successful Shred attack by 20%. 
  • Rat Liver: +3.5% movement speed while charging Shred (was 9% but end result is unchanged due to increased base move speed). 
  • Rat Tail: +25% action speed while opening a portal (was 50%). 
  • Rotten Pumpkin: When traversing the Upside Down, the portal you enter is destroyed, Bloodpoints earned. 
  • Barb's Glasses: Slightly increases Shred recovery speed when breaking a pallet. 
  • Rotten Green Tripe: Increases Killer movement Speed while traversing the Upside Down by 15% (was 25%). 
  • Sticky Lining: increases the radius in which Survivors can be detected by Of the Abyss by 2.5m (was 1.5m). 
  • Brass Case Lighter: Inflicts 60 seconds of Blindness (was 45 seconds). 
  • Deer Lung: Increases Upside Down traversal speed by 40% (was 30%), now reduces portal count by 2. 
  • Eleven's Soda: Shows yellow Auras for Generators being repaired while traversing the Upside Down. 
  • Thorny Vines: Seal time +10% (was 14%), detection radius 1m (was 1.5m). 
  • Lifeguard Whistle: Survivors near activated Portals are indicated by Killer Instinct without having to charge Of the Abyss. 
  • Unknown Egg: Reduces power recovery time after traversing the Upside Down by 1.5 seconds (was 2.5 seconds). 
  • Leprose Lichen: Survivor auras remain for 3 seconds after emerging from a portal. 
  • Red Moss: When traversing the Upside Down, The Demogorgon emerges from the target portal silently but more slowly. 


The Nightmare 

Power Changes: 

  • Move speed now adjusted to 4.0 m/s while charging a Dream Snare. 
  • Dream Snare charges reduced to 5 (was 8). 
  • Dream Pallet charges reduced to 7 (was 10). 
  • Using a clock to wake up prevents falling asleep for 30 seconds; this includes when getting hit by Freddy. 
  • Added a new Killer Power visual behind the Survivor portraits to indicate the 30 second sleep immunity timer. 


Add-On Changes: 

  • Black Box: When a Gate is opened, the Entity blocks it for sleeping Survivors for 15 seconds. 
  • Jump Rope: While Survivors are in the Dream World, the sounds of their grunts of pain are 50% louder. 
  • Outdoor Rope: While Survivors are in the Dream World, the sounds of their generator repairs can be heard from 8 meters further away. 
  • Swing Chains: While Survivors are in the Dream World, the sounds of their footsteps are 50% louder. 


The Huntress 

Add-On Changes: 

  • Berus Toxin becomes Yellowed Cloth: +10% Hatchet flight speed. 
  • Coarse Stone: The grunts of pain from hit targets are increased by 50% until they are fully healed. 
  • Amanita Toxin: Hit target suffers from the Blindness status effect for 60 seconds (was 30 seconds). 
  • Deerskin Gloves: Now Rare. 
  • Fine Stone becomes Weighted Head: Hit target suffers from the Incapacitated status effect for 10 seconds. 
  • Yew Seed Brew is now Wooden Fox: Now Very Rare; grants the Undetectable status effect for 10 seconds after reloading. 
  • Yew Seed Concoction is now Rose Root: +20% Hatchet flight speed. 
  • Pungent Fiale is now Soldier's Puttee: Now Ultra Rare; The Huntress moves 4.6 m/s when she has no Hatchets. 
  • Venomous Concoction: Inflicts Exhausted status for 5 seconds (was 90 seconds). 
  • Iridescent Head: Prevents carrying more than one Hatchet. 



Bug Fixes: 

  • Fixed issue where Survivors could crawl through an invisible wall on the Haddonfield map 
  • Fixed issue where Terms of Use link was not working 
  • Fixed issue where Graphics Settings would automatically reset to 30 FPS when restarting the app 
  • Fixed issue where The Nightmare was replaced by a different Killer when selected for Custom Match 
  • Fixed issue where some building were not loading properly in some maps 
  • Fixed issue where some unreleased items were available for use in Custom Match mode 
  • Fixed issue where there was a missing collision on an object in the Autohaven Wreckers realm maps 
  • Fixed issue where Crow’s Fortune portrait border appears on bot portraits in Custom Matches 
  • Fixed issue where there was no music in the main menu when restarting after purchasing the Crow’s Fortune 
  • Fixed issue where the sound of the Generator was not properly muffled by walls in the Autohaven Wreckers maps 
  • Fixed issue where Claudette’s Knitted Beret customization did not display properly 
  • Fixed issue where the game would sometimes crash when exiting the Exit Gate on some iOS devices 
  • Fixed issue where the Basement of some maps had an invisible collision 
  • Fixed issue where objectives were not visible when spectating 
  • Fixed issue where some Survivor customizations were missing hand animations when repairing a Generator 
  • Fixed issue where there was a glowing effect on the ground on some iOS devices 
  • Fixed issue where there was a placeholder icon when influenced by an ally with the Vigil perk 
  • Fixed issue where the incorrect head customization for The Ghost Face’s Silver Ghost Face appeared on the character preview screen 
  • Minor quality of life adjustment to The Trickster’s blade control 
  • Fixed issue where the game rules appear on top of the loadout page in Custom Match mode when starting a match with an empty loadout 
  • Minor texture & lighting fixes 
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