Patch Notes - May 11, 2021

What’s New: 

The Trickster and Yun-Jin Lee are now playable characters in-game 

Balance Changes: 

The Clown 
  • Clown now has two types of bottles: Tonic and Antidote. 
  • Tap Secondary Power to switch which will be thrown 
  • Hold Secondary Power to reload bottles 
  • Reload time is now 3 seconds (down from 5 seconds) 
Antidote bottles: 
  • Release a gray cloud that activates and turns yellow after 2.5 seconds 
  • Overlapping Antidote and Tonic clouds causes both to disappear 
  • Survivors and The Clown gain the "Invigorated" status effect when they touch the Antidote cloud 
  • Invigorated grants 10% movement speed bonus for 5 seconds 
  • An Intoxicated Survivor touching a yellow Antidote cloud is no longer intoxicated 
  • Tonic clouds remain unchanged 
  • Antidote clouds last a total of 7.5 seconds and are smaller than Tonic clouds 
  • Party Bottle: Thrown bottles emit confetti when shattering (was Ether 5 Vol%) 
  • Fingerless Parade Gloves: Bottles are thrown with a different arc that doesn't go as high but goes further 
  • Smelly Inner Soles: Greater move speed bonus when reloading (was Common, now Rare) 
  • Solvent Jug: Moderately increases the Invigorated effect duration 
  • Thick Cork Stopper: Smaller reload time reduction 
  • Spirit of Hartshorn: Moderately expands The Antidote cloud area (was Ether 10 Vol%) 
  • VHS Porn: Swaps yellow and purple color of Antidote and Tonic effects (was Rare, now is Common) 
  • Cigar Box: When any player becomes Invigorated, they see all other players' auras within a 16m radius 
  • Garish Makeup Kit: Considerably increases Invigorated Effect duration 
  • Tattoo's Middle Finger: Auras of Intoxicated or Invigorated survivors are revealed to you for 6 seconds 
The Trapper 
  • Escaping from a Bear Trap now has a 1/6 (16.6%) chance of succeeding on each attempt, but is capped at a maximum of 6 attempts 
  • Addons that reduce the chance of escape increase the maximum number of attempts as well as reducing the chance per attempt 
The Wraith 
  • Increased his cloaked move speed 
  • Decreased his move speed while uncloaking 
  • Reduced the Windstorm addon move speed bonuses to compensate for the above speed changes 
  • Removed the uncloaking move speed penalties from the Windstorm addons  
  • Deep Wound 
  • Now always has a 20-second timer 
  • Frank's Mixtape and Stab Wound Study adjusted to have the same proportional impact on Survivors' Deep Wound timers 
  • Borrowed Time's tier adjustments are now the duration of the Endurance status effect at 10/12/15 seconds  
  • Mangled status effect always lasts until fully healed 
  • Vigil no longer affects Mangled 
  • Begrimed Head: Removed repair speed debuff, added Hemorrhage status effect 
  • Rusty Attachments: Only applies Mangled to injured Survivors  
Decisive Strike 
  • Now deactivates when performing certain actions that are not part of evading the Killer
Misc. Perks 
  • Fixated: Now works while injured 
  • Iron Maiden: Effect lasts 30 seconds 
  • Second Wind: Durations now 28/24/20 seconds 
  • Diversion: Now charges in 40/35/30 seconds. Distance thrown now 20 meters at all tiers. 

Bug Fixes: 

1. Fixed issue where there was debug text for the collection name of Claudette’s Judo Bruiser outfit 
2. Fixed issue where The Hillbilly’s Buoy on the Beach outfit was not available as a full set 
3. Fixed issue where The Nightmare’s Dream World was too dark on some maps 
4. Fixed issue where the camera was clipping with The Huntress’ Solstice Devotee outfit 
5. Fixed issue where there was a placeholder icon for The Executioner’s Final Judgement 
6. Fixed issue where an area in Midwich Elementary School could not be passed 
7. Fixed issue where some menu buttons were missing sound effects 
8. Fixed issue where the player level up icon was too big 
9. Fixed issue where Rite of the Oni ritual could not be completed 
10. Fixed issue where The Hillbilly’s chainsaw progression bar canceled instead of regressing 
11. Fixed issue where Quentin Smith’s hair was not displaying correctly 
12. Brightened the atmosphere in Midwich Elementary School 
13. Fixed issues where some outfits cause a visual seam at the base of the character’s neck 
14. Fixed issue where some dark spots were visible on Kate’s Twin Ribbons head customization 
15. Fixed issue where there was debug text for Friend Request Received expiration timer 
16. Fixed issue where Nea’s Paste Bob Wig was not displaying properly 
17. Improved the look of the straps on The Ghost Face’s Slash Enthusiast outift 
18. Fixed issue where Yui’s Sakura Happi outfit was not displaying correctly 
19. Fixed issue where the main menu background audio could be heard during the lore cinematic video 
20. Fixed issue where Jeff’s Furious Mane head customization was not displaying correctly 
21. Fixed issue where Jake’s Lunar Fusion outfit was not displaying correctly 
22. Fixed the visuals on screen when afflicted with Torment from The Executioner’s power. 
23. Minor lighting and texture fixes 
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