Patch Notes - June 10, 2021

What’s New: 
1. Kill your friends in our new Custom Match feature 
2. Visual revamp and re-enabling of the Autohaven Wreckers maps 
3. Adding the Crow's Fortune monthly pass feature to the store 
4. Increased the camera's maximum up angle when playing as The Killer 
5. Improved controls for perks with an active ability 
6. Added vertical camera control to The Trickster’s Showstopper 
Bug Fixes: 
1. Fixed issue where it was possible to see The Trickster’s blades inside of lockers while closed 
2. Fixed issue where The Huntress’ hatchets needed to be fully charged to throw 
3. Fixed issue where switching to a different account after purchasing an outfit with a
discounted price appeared to make it full price 
4. Fixed clipping issues with Feng’s Demon Slayer customization 
5. Fixed issue where the toenails were not visible on The Oni’s Feral Armor customization 
6. Fixed issue where the Playstyle section was missing for Yui in the loading screen slideshow 
7. Improved the appearance of the hair in The Oni’s Minotaur customization 
8. Fixed issue where the UI circle does not fill up properly when receiving The Doctor’s Shock
9. Fixed issue where expiration time for Friend Requests is not displayed in the Request tab 
10. Fixed issue where a wall in the Groaning Storehouse map could be passed through 
11. Fixed issue where the Character health state was still visible while in spectator mode 
12. Fixed visual issue where the joystick appeared to be in the wrong position after opening and
closing settings while in a match 
13. Fixed issue where it was not possible to move The Trickster’s Showstopper button in
customizable controls 
14. Fixed issue where The Clown’s bottles could not be reloaded by holding the reload
button when empty 
15. Fixed issue where Claudette’s Knitted Beret customization was not displaying properly 
16. Fixed visual issue where the tally screen displayed the wrong Bloodpoint total
during Bloodhunt+ events 
17. Fixed issue where Kate’s Luminary Starlet head customization clipped forward when
repairing a generator 
18. Fixed issue where Annotated Blueprint and Vigo’s Blueprint were not impacting the
hatch spawn 
19. Minor lighting and texture fixes 
20. Fixed assorted localization errors 
21. Fixed assorted instances of debug text 
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