Patch Notes - March 25, 2021

What’s New: 
1. Midwich Elementary School is now a playable map 
2. Special anniversary-themed Mystery Boxes and Offerings are available in the Bloodmarket  
Bug Fixes: 
1. Fixed issue where Claudette’s Earthly Delights customization piece was missing 
2. Fixed issues where Ivory and Ebony Memento Mori Offerings had inaccurate descriptions 
3. Fixed issue where The Plague’s hand appeared to be stretched 
4. Fixed issue where the Flashlight blinding effect was too bright 
5. Fixed issue where placeholder textures were appearing on the ground in some maps 
6. Fixed issue where The Executioner’s cage had a placeholder texture 
7. Fixed issue where some customizations’ hair appeared to be stretched 
8. Fixed issue where the game would crash when spectating a player in the Dream World 
9. Fixed issue where text could not be scrolled through in Killer Powers 
10. Fixed issue where the Weaved Ring add-on does not prevent the loss of the Key upon death 
11. Fixed issue where customized control buttons could not be used when placed in the top left corner of the screen 
12. Fixed issue where The Huntress’ Winter Hearth customization made her hands appear invisible in-game 
13. Fixed issue where a seam appeared between David King’s head and torso customizations 
14. Multiple minor lighting and texture fixes 
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