Patch Notes - February 22, 2021

What’s New:

1. The Nightmare and Quentin Smith are now playable characters in-game

Other Changes:

1. Removed Rituals that required very specific conditions to complete.

2. Autohaven Wreckers realm is temporarily unavailable in order to perform a graphical update on its maps

3. Ads have been temporarily deactivated in order to undergo some changes and will be reactivated in a future update

4. Ivory and Ebony Memento Moris now require that the Survivor be hooked twice instead of once in order to activate (please note that the item description does not currently reflect this change and will be fixed in a future update)

Bug Fixes:

1. Fixed issue where Add-Ons were not appearing for The Huntress in the Bloodmarket

2. Fixed issue where Add-Ons were not appearing for The Clown in the Bloodmarket

3. Fixed issue where the field of view was slightly too large

4. Fixed issue where screen becomes black when a bot controlling The Plague uses Vile Purge

5. Fixed issue where the icon for the perk Saboteur was incorrect

6. Fixed issue where the Hatch could spawn in the Basement

7. Fixed issue where some The Clown customizations were missing hair

8. Fixed issue where The Huntress’ Solstice Devotee customization clipped into the camera

9. Fixed issue where Feng Min’s Prestige customization legs did not have blood effect

10. Replaced placeholder image for Bloodpoints when awarded from a box in the Bloodmarket

11. Fixed issue where Rite of The Oni Ritual could not be completed

12. Fixed issue where Yui Kimura’s hair appears too bright when using the Pink Bob and Vibrant Bob customization pieces

13. Fixed issue where exiting and re-entering Spectate Mode was causing the UI to disappear

14. Fixed issue where The Legion’s Party Crasher outfits appeared too bright

15. Fixed issue where the progression bar would occasionally not disappear when a Survivor completes or ends an action

16. Fixed issue where the hair in Yui Kimura’s wild Card outfit was the wrong colour

17. Fixed issue where The Shape’s Evil Within expose meter fills up even if behind walls

18. Fixed issue where The Ghost Face’s Night Shroud expose meter fills up even if behind walls

19. Fixed issue where having non-English characters in Google Account name caused an error in-game

20. Fixed issue where The Legion’s Back to School customization had the incorrect animations and voice lines

21. Multiple minor lighting and texture fixes

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