Patch Notes - November 24, 2021

What’s New: 

The Cenobite is now a playable Killer in-game 

Adding a post-game and pre-game communication sticker feature 

Quality of life improvements to auto-run control 

Visual update to the Ritual system 

Visual improvement for the Bloodpoints reward in the Tally Screen 


Bug Fixes: 

Fixed issue where Iron Will perk didn’t lower the volume of grunts of pain 

Fixed issue where default weapon for The Spirit was displayed regardless of customization option 

Customization issue fixed on Meg's “Jogging Headband” 

Customization issue fixed on The Trapper's "Deep Frostbite" 

Fixed an issue where perks were unintentionally selected while swiping to change page 

Fixed an issue where the currency total was not visually updated right away on the first day of the Crow’s Fortune membership 

Fixed an issue where The Nurse could not blink into the main building of Father Campbell’s Chapel 

Fixed The Nightmare’s dreamworld lighting in multiple maps 

Multiple minor visual fixes to characters’ outfits 

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