Patch Notes - January 31, 2022

What’s New: 

  • Mikaela Reid is now a playable character in-game 
  • Blood Ritual events have been added to the game 
  • Boon Totems have been added to the game 


Bug Fixes: 

  • Fixed issue where the aura of the last hook displays a rectangle at the base in the Killer tutorial 
  • Fixed issue where Survivor’s portrait remained in the lobby screen when player has left the lobby 
  • Fixed issue where the levers on one side of the generator were not animated while being repaired 
  • Fixed issue where the Killer hints did not appear on Survivor loading screen when first encountering a Killer 
  • Fixed a visual issue with Dwight’s Preppy Flatcap  
  • Multiple fixes with the autorun feature not deactivating when performing certain actions 
  • Fixed the issue where the pages of the loadout menus would change after reading a description  
  • Fixed a visual issue with The Hag’s snake charmer outfit where it was blocking part of the screen during certain actions 
  • Fixed a visual issue with several of Meg’s hair styles 
  • Fixed a visual issue with The Spirit’s Tattered Tradition outfit where her hair was missing 
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