Hung Error (0x887A0006)

This error, also sometimes seen as "D3D device being lost", can be caused by faulty or failing hardware. The most common cause is a GPU that:

    • May not be working correctly
    • May not be sufficient to play the game
    • Has been over/underclocked
    • Is not receiving enough power

If you are experiencing this issue you can attempt the following troubleshooting steps:

    1. Lowering your graphics in Dead by Daylight.
    2. Verifying your game files. More info can be found here.
    3. Attempt to run Dead by Daylight as an Administrator, as well as try to launch it directly from your platform's library (and not through a desktop or taskbar shortcut).
    4. Ensure your graphics drivers are up to date.
    5. Rollback graphics drivers to an older version.
    6. Reinstall Dead by Daylight.
    7. Remove GPU overclock/underclock (if applicable).

Additionally, we strongly recommend you perform the necessary checks to ensure your system (most notably your GPU and power supply) is working optimally.

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