How does Epic's Support-A-Creator program work? 

The Support-A-Creator program enables creators to earn revenue by creating content for games available on the Epic Games Store. Every time a customer purchases a game on the Epic Games Store, they have the option of supporting creators by using their affiliate codes upon checkout. Alternatively, they can follow an affiliate marketing link (Creator Link) found on a creator’s content piece and buy the game that way. A Creator Link can be generated in the Support-A-Creator dashboard for every title on the Epic Games Store - now including Dead by Daylight. 

Supported creators then receive a percentage of the generated gross revenue. That percentage is set at a base of 5% and provided by Epic Games! The Support-A-Creator program is available for every title on the Epic Games Store, allowing creators to promote their Creator Codes and Creator Links for any game they choose on the platform.  

Your dedication and passion in the Dead by Daylight community has been recognized by Behaviour Interactive and the Support-A-Creator program provides you a fantastic opportunity to further benefit from your content creation. You may promote your Creator Code and Creator Link in any of your existing and future Dead by Daylight content, giving your viewers the chance to support you when buying the game. This applies to all content available on the Epic Games Store including DLC and Chapter additions to Dead by Daylight!  

Epic’s Support-A-Creator team works with developers and publishers in several ways to assist in crafting the best possible opportunities for creators.  

  • Game Access by direct outreach (paid and organic) 

  • Early Access Windows - key for content creation  

  • Potential Creator Revenue Share Increases  

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