Why is there a disconnection penalty?

Our objective with the disconnection penalty is to discourage players from quitting games and serves the double purpose of denying immediate access to players who are already in a negative mental state from re-entering matchmaking until they’ve had a chance to cool down.

Anything that results in you leaving the match will count as a disconnect. This includes but is not limited to: Turning off your PC/console, disconnecting your internet, closing the game, or leaving a match through the "leave match" button. This is crucial to ensure that the system cannot be exploited.

We know receiving a disconnection penalty for something that is out of your control (such as an internet outage or Steam maintenance) isn't ideal, however, losing connection to matches negatively affects the enjoyment of the other four participating players. Disconnection penalties start off small enough that the occasional outage should not be noticeable, and your timer should be gone by the time your internet comes back on.

If you are losing connection frequently, please be sure to resolve your issue as soon as possible. You can refer to our network troubleshooting guide found here.

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