Dead by Daylight Mobile Closed Beta Test FAQ


1. When will the Closed Beta Test be available?

a. No exact date to share just yet, but stay tuned in the coming weeks for more info! You can follow us on Twitter @DbDMobile, and keep an eye on the official website at


2. What happens to the current version of the game when the new version launches? 

a. The current version will operate as normal and will not be affected by the Closed Beta Test. 

b. Player involvement in the Closed Beta Test will be totally optional and will not have any impact on players’ accounts on the current version.


3. What happens to accounts that update to the new version? Do I keep my progression? 

a. The Closed Beta Test is a fully separate version of the game created for the purposes of testing. Your account will not be transferred at this time.  


4. How can I get into the Closed Beta Test? 

a. Android: Search for “Dead by Daylight Mobile” on the Google Play Store during the Closed Beta Test period.  

b. iOS: Download links will be sent out via Twitter and will be posted on the website for players to download Apple’s Test Flight and Dead by Daylight mobile beta. 


5. What is the purpose of the Closed Beta Test? Why not open it to everyone? 

a. We want to test out new features and get your feedback on the new version. The Closed Beta Test is open to all players but will be made available on a first come first serve basis so download early! 


6. Will servers be maintained for the old version as normal during the Closed Beta? 

a. Servers will be maintained as normal and overall there will be no changes for players playing on the current version. 


7. How do I give my feedback on the Closed Beta Test? 

a. Three surveys will be distributed during the Closed Beta Test where players will be asked questions about their experience and can give direct feedback. Feedback through social media channels will also be closely monitored, so we encourage all players to actively discuss thoughts and opinions on social media! 


8. Who will be handling this major update to Dead by Daylight Mobile? 

a. We’ve partnered with NetEase to release Dead by Daylight Mobile in Southeast Asia and Japan and they’ve done an incredible job. They have made tweaks to these versions of the game that have greatly improved the experience. We can’t wait to share these improvements with the rest of our players, globally. 

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