Stadia Closure FAQ

When is Stadia Closing?

Stadia will be closing January 18, 2023. Read more here: message on Stadia sunset

Will I still be able to play Dead by Daylight on Stadia?

Currently, you can still play Dead by Daylight, and we plan to continue supporting players on Stadia and provide updates until it has wound down. After January 18th, 2023 you will no longer be able to play on your Stadia account

Will I still be able to make purchases?

You will still be able to purchase non-licensed characters and some other in-game items. However you will not be able to purchase Auric Cells or licensed DLC.

While you will no longer be able to purchase new Auric Cells, you can still use previously purchased Auric Cells in-game. You can also continue to use Iridescent Shards to purchase non-licensed characters and other in-game items until Stadia closes.

What will happen to my Progression once Stadia closes down?

Once Stadia closes, you will no longer have access to your progress unless it is linked to your Behaviour account. You will also be unable to play on Stadia after the shutdown date.

How can I carry over my progress?

To continue playing your account after Stadia's closure, you will need to link your Stadia account to your Behaviour Account here before January 18th 2023.

All purchased content and progression should carry over into merged accounts through this process. You can learn more about Cross-Progression and Merging here.

*Note: Auric Cells are not transferable through the Cross Progression Merge and should be spent before Stadia closes on January 18th, 2023.

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