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What is my Player Cloud ID?

When creating a ticket, the form may ask you to include your Player Cloud ID. This is a string of letters and numbers that serve as a way for us to identify you.

You can find your Player Cloud ID by going into the Options menu and selecting the "General" tab. Your ID will be displayed in the middle of the page, however, it will be hidden. To reveal your ID you will need to click the eye icon found beside it.


Your Player Cloud ID may also appear if the game encounters a save error. Should this happen, please ensure you take a screenshot of the error and your ID in full.


How to submit a support ticket

You can reach out to our Support Team by clicking the "Chat" icon in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.

This will open our virtual assistant which can help you with a wide variety of issues for both PC and Console. 

To use the virtual assistant, simply click on the option(s) that best describe the issue you are experiencing, or alternatively, just type a summary of your issue in the message box at the beginning of your conversation.

At any given point in your conversation, you can have the virtual assistant create a support ticket for you by saying "Contact Support" and following the prompts provided.

Alternatively, you can manually submit a ticket by using this link. From there, simply click the option you feel is closest to your issue and fill in the required information. Once this process has been completed, you will be asked to register or log in with a Zendesk account in order to verify your ticket.


How long will it take Support to get back to me?

While we can not give an exact timetable as to when we will be able to respond to you please rest assured, we answer all tickets as soon as we can.

We advise against submitting multiple tickets regarding the same issue, as this can cause delays in processing requests.

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