Twitch Drops

We are introducing Twitch Drops!

You can earn Twitch Drops on Steam, Epic Games, Microsoft, PlayStation, and Xbox. You can't earn them on Nintendo Switch.
These in-game rewards can be earned by watching Dead by Daylight streams on Twitch by following 4 simple steps:
  1. Create a new Behaviour Account, or connect to an existing Behaviour Account
  2. Link your Twitch Account to your Behaviour Account
  3. Select the platform where you play Dead by Daylight
  4. Claim your in-game rewards

It does not have to be on the official @DeadByDaylight channel

Twitch Drops can be earned until November 6th by watching any Twitch channel streaming Dead by Daylight that has drops enabled.

While you will need to link a Twitch and Behaviour Account in order to receive the items in game, you can claim drops just by owning a Twitch account and then link to your Behaviour Account afterwards.



Please note that each Drop requires an hour of watch-time per item. All of the 3 items receive progress together - to receive all the available rewards, one must watch 3 hours of streams in total from the Dead by Daylight Twitch Directory.


You will be able to claim the Hatch Micro Playset Charm after 1 hour of watch time,  the Hag Candy Weapon after 2 hours, and Elodie Skeleton T-Shirt after 3 hours.

This will be trackable on 


If you are unable to claim the item(s) in-game

Visit your Game Library after signing in to your BHVR account, click on Dead by Daylight, where you can navigate to the Twitch Drops section on the top. 


Click "Retry Claim" on any items you have not been able to claim.


Have a question?

You can find out more from our FAQ here:


Our first stream

Don't miss our first Twitch Drops on October 13th 2pm ET. Follow us at 


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