How to report a player

Note: You may only report things that happened directly to you, or within a game in which you were participating. Reporting on behalf of other people (friend, streamer, or other) is not allowed, and such reports will be discarded.

File an in-game report

An in-game report MUST be made. This is not optional and is critical to helping us identify the offender in your game as well as any other evidence we may need. To file an in-game report, click on the Thumbs Up/Down icon beside a player's name on the endgame scoreboard, as seen below:


Once you've done so you can select the appropriate category for your report. Categories include:

  • Harassment
    • Use this option to report a player for using insults, intimidation, hateful speech, or repeated harassment
  • Griefing
    • Use this option to report a player for intentionally using abilities or game mechanics to the detriment of the game. Examples: Taking the game hostage, body blocking, working with the Killer.
  • Exploits
    • Use this option to report players for exploiting bugs, errors in design, or cheats to obtain a competitive advantage
  • Unsportsmanlike Conduct
    • Use this option to report a player for purposefully losing the game, not participating in or disconnecting from the game early to avoid defeat. Examples: AFKing, rage quitting idling, and refusing to participate in normal gameplay



File a report to Dead by Daylight Support: 

While you can report offenses directly to our support team, please only do so for serious offenses like cheating, hacking, DOX/death threats. 

If you wish to open a support ticket to report a player you can do so here.

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