Public Test Build (PTB) FAQ

Public Test Build (PTB) is a chance for players to be able to test upcoming features. Currently, the PTB is only available to players on Steam.

How do join the PTB

  • Right-click Dead by Daylight in your Steam library
  • Select "Properties"
  • Head into "Betas", then select Public Test Build from the list

If this option does not appear, then it is likely a PTB build is not currently live.

I lost progress after switching to the PTB

When joining the PTB it may seem as if you've lost progress.

This is intentional because the save data that is used on the Public Test Build is a snapshot of your live account from several days in the past, which is why it may seem like you have lost progress.

Once you switch back from the PTB to the live version of Dead by Daylight, your progress will be returned to the way it was before opting in to the PTB.

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