What is The Rift?

Each entry in The Archives contains both a Tome and a Rift.  

Tomes feature twisted new tales from the world of Dead by Daylight, while Rifts offer a series of time-limited rewards, including Bloodpoints and exclusive outfits and charms, which can be earned by both Killers and Survivors.  

A Rift consists of 70 tiers, each requiring players to obtain 10 Rift Fragments before progressing to the next tier.  

Rift Fragments can be earned by both playing the game and earning experience, or by actively completing Challenges in the Auris Web. 

The Rifts consists of two separate tracks: 

  • The Free Track is available to all players as soon as the Rift opens. 
  • The Premium Track can be purchased for 1,000 Auric Cells and instantly grants new items while also unlocking the chance to earn even more rewards. Players who have purchased the Premium Track can also use Auric Cells to unlock additional tiers.  

Visit The Archives page of our website, right here, to learn more about how Rifts work.  

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