Crash and Error Code Master Fix Guide (PC)

If you are experiencing error codes, crashes, or performance issues with Dead by Daylight, we ask that your please perform the following troubleshooting steps:

1. Verify that your system meets the minimum hardware requirements to run Dead by Daylight - More information about our minimum requirements can be found here.

2. Verify that your internet connection is strong enough to play Dead by Daylight - If you require assistance with connection-related issues you can check our network troubleshooting guide found here.

3. Ensure that your audio/video drivers are up to date - More information about how to update your audio/video drivers can be found here.

4. Ensure that DirectX is up to date - More information about how to update DirectX can be found here

5. Ensure that Windows is up to date - More information about how to update Windows can be found here.

6. Verify game files - Instructions on how to verify your game files on Steam and Epic Games Store can be found here.

7. Perform a clean boot - more information about how to perform a clean boot can be found here.

8. Reinstall Dead by Daylight

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